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Welcome to Getnö Gård, a nature paradise

Getnö Gård is a privately-owned nature preservation area, 15 km² in size, with its own archipelago located in the middle of the beautiful Lake Åsnen. Getnö Gård is surrounded by birdlife protection areas, nature reserves and a coming national park. It is truly a paradise for those who want to experience the nature and wildlife, an eldorado for Anglers, Canoe-and Kayak- enthusiasts, birdwatchers and naturelovers.

A wildlife adventure, - a memory for life !             Hjärtligt Välkomna!/ Family Ingrid Olsson

Houses & Naturcamping

The Cottages are open the year around.

Our Naturecamping is open 1/5 – 08/10

phone: 0477 - 240 11 / 0477 240 21

Reception and Booking

Houses (year-round) | Naturcamping (1/5-01/10)
Pike Safari, Kayaktour with guide, Osprey Safari, Perch Safari
and Getnö GRAND-SLAM fishing competition on 19/9. (read more...)
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