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Osprey Safari in Åsnen National Park

Join us for a Guided Boat tour with a local guide into the new National park Åsnen.

Discover the unique archipelago of lake Åsnen. The lake is about 155 km², with over 1000 islands. It is a shallow lake that guarantees a rich bird life. You can see Ospreys, Eagles, Blackthroated divers, Grey Heron, Cranes and many more lake birds on the tour. Just to get out on the boat gives you a feeling of freedom, and it is true that nature can heal our souls.

We begin the boat tour in the early morning. Our local guide has the boat and all the equipment ready and gives you instructions before we leave the harbour in Getnö. We all get life jackets and binoculars and with a bit of luck you can see the “Big 5 of Åsnen”; the osprey, the blackthroated diver, the eagle, the crane and maybe even our wild moose.

Peaceful and quiet, the morning fog lifts as the sun slowly rises. If you are lucky, you may hear the calling of the blackthroated diver which almost takes your breath away.

The experienced guide navigates between the different islands in the National park and around the islands of Getnö.  It is amazing to see how the osprey catches its morning fish or just to see them flying gently with their v-shaped wings.

The guide anchors somewhere in a peaceful bay and serves you a “Småländsk” lunch on board.

With a little luck, you can also see the shy otter, which is the provincial animal of Småland.

The boat tour lasts around 4 hours and at the end of the tour, the guide takes you back to the harbour on Getnö – Lake Åsnen Resort. After the tour you can stretch your legs and go for a walk on the walking trails on the island or go to the country café for coffee.

Season: May – September

Duration: 4 hours, 09:00-13:00

Includes: Local guide, guide boat, life jackets, binoculars, lunch on board.

If necessary we also have rainwear and warm fleece sweaters. The guide speaks English and German.

Price: 1250 SEK per person (children between 7-15 years, 850 SEK)

Group size: 2-5 people (recommended age over 7 years)

For a private tour, additional fee +990 SEK

We only take small groups with local guide for a more genuine experience and minimum disturbance.

To bring: camera, warm clothing, windjacket, sunglasses

Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort, SE-362 96 Ryd / Småland / Sweden
WGS84 decimal: 56.584500 degrees / 14.694600 degrees
WGS84 g/m/s: 56 35’ 4,20” / 14 41’ 40,56”

Getnö Gård on Google Maps

We recommend you to book a cottage on Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort or stay on the beautiful Campground in the natural setting on the island Getnö.

info@getnogard.se / Tel: +46-477-24021 Getnö Reception

Distance from south: Copenhagen(220km) 3 hours.Trelleborg (210 Km) 2,5 hours, Helsingborg (180 Km) 2 hours. Driving north you take road E4 to Traryd. Turn right on road 120 towards and through Älmhult. You continue on the road 120 until the crossing road 120/road 126. Here you drive straight on to the little village Ålshult. Follow the signs GETNÖ GÅRD 7 Km. You can also take road 23 driving north until you come to Älmhult. Here you turn right on to the road 120. You continue until you reach the crossing road 120/road 126, then please follow the same instruction above.

Driving from the north: From Växjö(65km) 45min. Drive south on road 23 for about 30km, turn left on to road nr.126 going south. After another 30km you see the sign Getnö Gård 7km. Turn left again to the little village Ålshult and follow the signs GETNÖ GÅRD, 7 Km forest road up to the farm Getnö. Welcome !