Camping Key Europe

Welcome to Sweden and to Europe! Camping Key Europe is a card that connects campsites all over Europe. Having the card in your wallet opens up Europe to you and makes your holiday more convenient and cheaper. Camping Key Europe is required in order to check in at an SCR Svensk Camping-affiliated campsite.

Why Camping Key Europe?

The campsites in Sweden that are affiliated to Camping Key Europe are members of SCR Svensk Camping – the National Swedish Campsite Association. To stay at one of our campsites you need a valid Camping Key Europe.

Check in and out faster

No forms to fill in – just show your card and it’s all done.

Discounts and offers

On ferry journeys, restaurants, shopping, activities and experiences.

Accident and liablity insurance

Valid for the whole family.

Valid at more than 400 Swedish and thousands of European campsites

Makes it easier to discover new countries and places.

Quality-assured holiday

All Swedish campsites at which the card is valid are members of SCR Svensk Camping and thereby quality assured.

Price of the card

The card costs 199 SEK when you buy it online.

By buying the card online before you go, you save time and money. The check-in is quick and easy and the card is cheaper when you buy it online. If you buy the card online, it is also valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Cards bought at a campsite are valid for the remainder of the year.

The Camping Key Europe App

Download the app and see all the offers in Europe.

Who’s behind Camping Key Europe?

Camping Key Europe is a loyalty card for European campsite guests and a partnership between the Scandinavian campsite organisations and two of Europe’s biggest motorist organisations: ANWB in the Netherlands and ADAC in Germany For more information, go to Campingkeyalliance.com.

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