Place: Getnö – Lake Åsnen Resort

Fishing competition 09-10th of September 2023.


Saturday 09/9

09:00 – Registration – motorboats put in water at the Guest Harbour

10:00 – Captain’s briefing /meeting in Country Café

11:00 – Start Fishing competition Part.1.

18:00 – End of competition, registrations of length and photos of fishes

19:00 – “After-Fishing” Evening dinner and Music Quiz in the Moose Bar

Sunday 10/9

08:00 – Captain’s briefing before start

09:00 – Start Fishing competition Part.2.

15:00 – End of competition, registrations of length and photos of fishes

16:00 – Prize ceremony

Rules of the fishing competition:

Team competition with 2 persons per team. 1 boat is counted as one fishing team. Catch-n-release fishing competition, where you should catch the 3 greatest predators in lake Åsnen. All fishing methods according to the fishing permit are allowed, except for fishing with live bait. Maximum 4 active fishing rods in each boat. Every fish should be photographed on the measuring board with the fisherman and sent in by email to info@getnogard.se or download with your own USB-cable after the competition at the registration. Every Team can register 1 pike, 1 zander and 1 perch per day. Pike is worth 1 point per centimeter, Zander is worth 1,3 points per centimeter and Perch 2,5 points per centimeter. The Team with most points will win the fishing competition.

Any team who is not back before the end time each day, will be automatically disqualified, even if pictures have been sent in during the day.

Price: SEK495:-/person (SEK990:-/fishing team)

The price includes: Starting fee, fishing permit for 2 days, map over the lake, dinner in the Pub and the award ceremony.

(prices from ABU-Garcia, Outnorth, Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort, and many others)
PS. If you already have the fishing card for lake Åsnen the cost will be only SEK295:- per pers.

Registration: per email before 7/9 to: info@getnogard.se /Tel: +46-477-24011


All fishing boats should have life jackets and a working cell phone – we should be able to contact you during the entire competition. At least one team member must be 18 years old or older and one person in the team must attend the captain’s briefing.

There are possibilities for accommodation at reduced prices for fishermen and their families at Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort, either in cottages or on the nature camping.  It is also possible to rent motorboats.
WELCOME ! / Team Getnö 

In cooperation with:
Abu Garcia  –   Outnorth  —  Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort – Linder Alu.båtar  –  ÅsnenGuiderna

Resultat 2022

Fishing competition 10 – 11the of september 2022

1:a plats Team “Ljungy Jerks B”

2:a plats Team “Quadrelli”

3:a plats Team “Zander Hunter”

Biggest catches:

Pike 98 cm, “Zander Hunter”

Pike perch 79 cm, “Finval Boats Sverige”

Perch 39 cm “Silver Eagle”


Resultat 2021

Fishing competition 11 – 12the of september 2021

1:a plats Team “Quadrelli”

2:a plats Team “Zander Hunter”

3:a plats Team “Prytz”

Biggest catches:

Pike 100 cm, “Team Olsson Brothers”

Pike perch 71 cm, “Team Prytz”

Perch 36 cm “Team Zander Hunter”


Resultat 2020

Fishing competition 12 – 13th of September 2020.

1:a plats ”Team Zander Hunter”: Andreas Friese & Jan Patzker, Tyskland, 433,5 poäng

2:a plats ”Team Boot ÖSB II”: Mark Bading & Henry Schulze, Tyskland, 429,0 poäng

3:e plats ”Team Ljungby Jerks A”: Magnus Paulson & Matthias Ahlberg, Sverige, 392,5 poäng

Biggest catches:

Pike 102 cm, ”Team Ljungby Jerks A”

Pike perch 74cm, ”Team Zander Hunter”

Perch 42cm, ”Team Hammer”


Resultat 2019

Fishing competition 14 – 15th of september 2019.

1:a plats ”Team Alwex”: Christer Svensson & Göran Thörn, Sweden, 356,0 poäng

2:a plats ”Team Uboot”: Peter Marquardt & Benedikt Heidetmann, Germany, 349,5 poäng

3:e plats ”Team Ljungby Jerks A”: Magnus Paulson & Matthias Ahlberg, Sweden, 324,0 poäng

Biggest catches:

Pike 101 cm, ”Team Ljungby Jerks A”

Pike perch 70cm, ”Team Gryningsfiskarna”

Perch 38cm, ”Team Melle-Pelle”


Resultat 2018

Fishing competition 8-9th of september 2018.

1:a plats ”The Dream Team”: Günther Granitza, Tyskland, 401,7 poäng

2:a plats ”Krummer Stock”: Kevin & Lutz Meyer, Tyskland, 342,7 poäng

3:e plats Team ”Baby Barsch Alarm”: Eike & Marc Meyer, Tyskland, 302,3 poäng

Biggest catches:

Pike 81 cm, Team ”Skitkul”, Perez & Hedberg

Pike perch 58 cm, Team ”Botrytis-Fishing”, Meyer & Heitmann

Perch 35 cm, Team ”See Gurken”, Manuel & Sebastian


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