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Dear Guests,

We at Getnö follow the development and reporting on Corona / Covid-19. We are constantly listening to the authorities’ advice and recommendations. You as a guest should be able to feel safe and well cared for when you visit or live here on the island.

Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort is open for holiday rentals all year round, we open our campsite on May 1st, but with extra attention to the safety of guests and employees.

We have taken measures to minimize the risks of spreading the infection and everything to ensure a pleasant and safe stay with us. We have reviewed our cleaning routines, increased the availability of soap and hand spirit, and reviewed our procedures in the event of illness.

For you who live in a cottage, this means that you have your very own living space. We clean all cabins properly between each guest, we have introduced extra cleaning routines and thoroughly disinfected all surfaces. As far as possible, we try to leave the cabins empty between the bookings.

You who live in your own camper or caravan control your own environment. Our campsite has very big campingplots in the middle of nature, which means that you do not need to have other guests directly near you.

Service buildings
Our service buildings are cleaned several times a day and we also disinfect specific surfaces such as handles, flush buttons and so on. The toilets are extra disinfected and made clinically clean. We encourage everyone who visits us, both guests and staff, to be careful about washing their hands frequently. There is hand soap in all our service buildings.

Our reception is also being cleaned several times a day and we also disinfect specific surfaces such as handles, reception desk and terminal. We show respect and open for little groups at each time.

Country Cafe
We keep the country cafe closed in March-April. The plans are to open the outdoor restaurant in May or June if possible. We follow the recommendations from the authorities.

Our activities take place outdoors, such as sportfishing, canoeing, cycling and hiking. Being out in nature with fresh air is good for everyone. We review our activities to follow guidelines and recommendations regarding the virus outbreak. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned.

Staff – Team Getnö
We are extremely careful with our hand hygiene. The staff stays at home in case of a cold with sore throat, fever or cough, even with mild symptoms. We keep the recommended distance from colleagues and guests.

What if you want to cancel?
In addition, regular cancellation rules apply. Should any new recommendations come from Swedish authorities, we will inform about it. If you have become ill you can / should make a cancellation.
We care for our guests and staff. Please take care and stay well.

Best Regards,

Ingrid E-M Olsson / Managing Director

Getnö Gård, 20th of March, 2020

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