Getnö in june

Getnö has a new cooperation with Åsnen’s National park.

We are proud to present our new cooperation with Åsnen’s National park.
Sweden’s National parks are a key part of Sweden’s nature preservation and they represent the different kinds of landscapes that exist in this country.
It is important to preserve nature for future generations and also to display it to the public. This results in high-quality experiences of nature, as well as an increase of knowledge of our beautiful nature.

We at Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort have given a promise to the national parks.

We will work towards the preservation of nature and culture of Åsnen’s National park, for the sake of nature, and for us and for future generations. In order for more people to experience the national park and to secure our common heritage, we promise to:

Be good ambassadors to Sweden’s National parks.
Work towards developing the national park into a sustainable destination.
Through high-quality service, we can provide natural and cultural experiences at the national park.

Welcome to an unforgettable experience of nature- on nature’s terms.

Ingrid E-M Olsson
National parks ambassador
Getnö-Lake Åsnen Resort and Å

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