Guided mushroom tour on Getnö

An introduction to Swedish edible mushrooms.

This tour is held in English but the guide is bilingual English / Swedish.

The Swedish woods are a rich larder with many delicious mushrooms and the Outdoor Access Right (allemannsrätten) means that you are allowed to pick most mushrooms in most places except for nature reserves. This tour is aimed at the beginner who may never have foraged or maybe knows a few wild mushrooms and give them the skills to start picking safely.

Season: Juli- September

Duration: 4 hours, 12:00-16:00

Include: Mushroom guide, small picnic.
The guide is fluent I English and swedish.

Price: 595 SEK per person

Group size: 10 personer (recommended age, över 10 years old)

To bring on the tour: Camera, warm and waterproof clothes depending on the weather, curiosity

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